What Is A Freight Broker?

Posted on: 17 February 2023

The world depends on shipping and getting cargo from point A to point B. Getting freight from its origin to its final location may seem like it is an easy and straightforward process. However, that could not be any further from the truth. Shipping freight all over the world is a very complex logistical situation. It takes a lot of work to ensure that all the crates get into the proper shipping containers and get onto the suitable transport methods. If you are running your business, you may be too involved in other tasks to manage your shipping. You need to work with an expert like a freight broker.

Freight Broker

These brokers are basically the middlemen of shipping. They are given information about the loads that need to be shipped, including the freight, where it needs to go, where it currently is, and the shipping time. When the broker has that information, they can start working with shipping companies to arrange for the load to get to where it needs to be. The broker will talk to the shipping companies that provide various transportation methods. For example, the broker will arrange for a truck to pick up the cargo at its current location,  a rail car to hold the load, and then a shipping container on a container ship to move the cargo around the world. Working with a freight broker to manage your shipping can be very helpful for your business. 

Less Expensive

Shipping can be expensive. Even if you can get some discounts because you're shipping in bulk, it can still eat into your profit margins. The benefit of working with a freight broker is that they are experts in their field. Shipping and freight logistics are all that they do. They will help the experience necessary to ensure that your freight gets to where it needs to be when it needs to be there and at a better price. That will save you money on shipping and help keep your profit margin. Freight brokers can also save you money because they are consultants and not standard employees. You only call them in when you need them, so you only pay them for that period.

Your business depends on getting product from point A to point B. That is where shipping is involved. The best way to ensure your freight gets where it needs to go is to work with a truckload freight broker who can handle all the logistics for you.