3 Reasons Shipping Impact Indicators Are Necessary When Shipping Items

Posted on: 1 December 2022

No business is easy to run. Actually, even a small business demands a lot of time, commitment, and resources. This is critical mainly if you run a business that involves shipping items. Typically, shipping fragile items can be tricky, so you need to be a bit more careful with the shipping process. You could experience regrettable losses if several items get broken when shipping them. Fortunately, this is a situation you can avoid by investing in quality shipping impact indicators. These indicators are put in shipping boxes and help you know if fragile items were handled roughly during shipping. You should trust the shipping company, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't monitor how they handle the items. Here are a few reasons shipping impact indicators are a worthwhile investment for your business.

They Aren't Complicated

Shipping impact indicators are usually easy to use, unlike what some people think. They aren't complicated or expensive to maintain. In fact, you can find those that just need to be attached to the shipping box. The person receiving the shipped items can also easily check the indicator and know if everything is intact. Some indicators change color, indicating that a particular item has been roughly treated.

They Help Grow Your Business

As you ship fragile items, you should be extra careful and consider whether the customers will be happy with them. Satisfaction is critical in business because it determines whether you will gain or lose customers. Of course, you want all your customers to be satisfied with what they buy from you. Unfortunately, they may not be happy with your services if they realize the items are damaged or broken. Although you could explain the situation and apologize, their trust and confidence might decline. Luckily, this would not happen if you had shipping impact indicators in the shipping boxes because you could identify the damaged ones before the customers do.

They Help Identify the Liable Party

Anything can happen when shipping items. Some may arrive while broken or in bad shape. Your customers may also allege they bought damaged items from you, but you need to find out if it's true. Although the shipping company could be responsible, the customer could also be liable. Therefore, you need to confirm whether the customer accidentally damaged the items after receiving them or if the damage is due to poor handling by the shipping company. Usually, the company is to blame if the shipping impact indicator is triggered when the items arrive. If the indicator didn't go off or is intact, then it's likely that the customer received them in good shape but messed up with them somewhere.