Managing Your Company's Freight Shipping Needs

Posted on: 16 December 2021

Mistakes during the shipping process can be a sizable source of loss for companies that need to regularly ship large volumes of products or other materials. Avoiding the more common mistakes when shipping cargo can potentially spare your business from some sizable losses.

Improper Packing Of The Cargo

Poorly packed cargo will be far more likely to suffer significant damage during the course of being shipped. This is due to the potential for the items in the cargo containers to shift and rattle over the course of the shipping process. To minimize the risk of this causing damage to these items, they should be packed with a sufficient amount of padding to absorb the force of any impacts that may occur. Additionally, it is important to avoid overloading the cargo container as this could increase the weight of the items at the bottom of the cargo container. Creating an effective packaging strategy will be unique based on the types of products and the amount of them that you are needing to send.

Failing To Utilize A Full-Service Freight Company

There are many freight companies that you can hire to assist your company with shipping products. Some of these providers may offer full-service that can allow you to outsource the entire shipping chain that may be needed to get the items to their destination. For example, this may include collecting the cargo, providing tracking information, and transfers to other freight carriers, such as sea or air shipping services. Before you hire a particular freight company for your logistical needs, the range of services that they offer should be reviewed so you can choose the one that offers the most comprehensive service for your budget.

Overlooking Climate Control Freight Solutions

It is important to appreciate that your items could experience temperature and humidity extremes during the course of being shipped to their location. Depending on the items that you are shipping, it may be worth using a climate-controlled storage provider. This option will ensure that your items are protected against common sources of wear and damage during the course of the long journey. While individuals may appreciate this option for food items, they may not realize that some electronics, paper products, or artwork could benefit from a shipping option that can maintain a set temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled freight shipping options will be more costly, but the reduced losses could offset these higher costs and even improve customer satisfaction.

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