3 Tips To Prepare A Packed Box For Cross-Country Shipping

Posted on: 2 December 2019

Boxes are the most versatile and affordable containers available in the shipping industry. A box can be used to ship a variety of goods, as boxes come in many different sizes and strengths.

If you are planning to make a cross-country shipment using a box as your primary packaging material, you will need to ensure that you invest time and effort into the proper preparation of your package. The right approach to packing can help ensure that the contents of your box arrive at their destination safely.

1. Start With the Right Materials

When you are preparing a package for cross-country shipping, you want to make sure you are starting out with quality materials. Don't recycle a used box to house your package.

The cardboard that is used to create boxes can lose its structural integrity over time. You want a new box with rigid cardboard so that your package will not get crushed when loaded into a shipping truck or air carrier.

2. Size Your Box Correctly

Another important factor that can determine how well your package withstands a cross-country journey is the size of the box you use. Identify the largest item in your package, and then select a box that is just slightly larger than that item. Fill in any open space around the item with foam or packing peanuts to prevent any damage during transit.

Multiple items in the same package should be separated by a layer of protective bubble wrap or foam. This will help to cushion each item against damage while your package is en route to its final destination.

3. Monitor the Weight of Your Package

You need to keep a close eye on the total weight of your package. Each box comes with a maximum weight rating that lets you know how much weight the cardboard can support. If the weight of your package exceeds the maximum weight rating of your box, you run the risk of having the box split or collapse during transit.

It's better to split a heavy shipment into two separate boxes than risk having your items damage during shipping.

Box packaging in preparation for cross-country shipping can seem like a simple task, but there are some important tips you must keep in mind to ensure your package stays safe while in transit. Use a new box that is the right size for your items and monitor the weight of your package to achieve the best results.