Four Tips For Shipping Your Business Holiday Gifts

Posted on: 19 November 2017

With the holidays nearly here, many business owners are busy deciding what would be the best gift to give to their valued clients. To simplify, choosing one gift that is suitable for all is a good timesaver. It can also be more cost-effective as you may be able to get an additional discount for buying in bulk. Once your order has been delivered to you, it's time to prepare the items for shipping. Here are tips to help ensure your gifts arrive to their respective recipients on time, festive, and in good condition.

Nest Boxes

Nesting boxes means that you put your item in a box big enough for it to fit in, and then that box goes inside a bigger box, which then goes inside a bigger still box. In the spaces around each box, you fill it with packing peanuts to keep it stabilized and to protect it from any damage. This method is especially important if your gift is fragile.

Decorate Your Gifts

Getting a plain cardboard box with the manufacturer's SKU and shipping labels plastered on it isn't very impressive, and it certainly won't make your client feel special, which is the whole point of sending a gift to begin with. Choosing the nesting boxes method allows you to wrap each present in a suitable holiday wrap and bow. If wrapping presents isn't your strong suit or there are a lot to wrap, you can always see if any of your employees have a penchant for giftwrapping and enjoy doing so. If not, larger cities usually have businesses that can handle the giftwrapping duties for you for a nominal fee.

Consult The United States Postal Service

If you plan on using Uncle Sam's services, you can find a lot of information online, such as when things need to be mailed by in order to arrive at their destination on time. You can also order online any shipping supplies you may need. They will even send you some stuff for free, such as shoebox-sized cardboard boxes, different sized priority mail flat boxes, and shipping labels. It's not a bad idea to put a shipping label on the inside of your box, just in case the outer box loses its label in transit.

Explore All Your Options

Sometimes, carriers other than the federal government are less expensive. Rather than calling around or visiting each carrier's websites, it's easier to just visit your local shipping center. They will be able to quickly tell you which is the best way to go for your business deliveries.

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