Shipping And Delivery Solutions For Your Business

Posted on: 16 January 2017

When you need to have something delivered to a customer, client, or another business, the last thing you need is delays and problems accomplishing that task. There are a lot of options for delivery of just about anything, some common and some not as common. Your location may impact the method you choose or the service you use, but here are a couple options to consider when you need a delivery service.

Traditional Delivery Methods

If you have been in business for any time at all, you have likely used the postal service or a private package carrier to deliver your packages and documents to clients or customers. These are the simplest and most common ways that things are shipped every day. Most of these services will pick the parcel or documents up from your offices and deliver them in times varying from the same day to within a week, depending on the option you require. They handle millions of packages and envelopes yearly and are, for the most part, dependable and inexpensive.

Client-to-Client Direct Delivery

Another option for companies that need to deliver things like legal documents and paperwork in their local area is a bonded delivery service. They will send a driver to your business to pick up the documents and small packages, then carry your delivery via a car or van to the destination you specify. The package or documents will be delivered in hand to your client, and they will have to sign for it to ensure it made it on time and in good condition. Because the document or package goes directly from your offices to theirs, with only one person between, the likelihood of it getting lost or damaged is very low. And, using a bonded service shows that they have taken the time to hire trustworthy, honest people with clean backgrounds to handle your important materials.

Bike Messenger Service

Similar to the bonded car delivery services, bike messengers are used in bigger cities and could be a great option for your business. One of the advantages of a bike messenger is that they are not bound by traffic. If you need to get a small package or document to a client or another business quickly, the bike messenger will come to your office and receive it, then transport it directly to the client. While they are not available in every location, they are common in the large ones. They may not work in adverse weather, but typically, if they can safely ride and get your package delivered, they are available. And because they are dispatched to your business directly, you get the peace of mind that the rider is coming to you, then taking your item where it needs to go. Nothing more, nothing less. It is an alternative service that could be a good fit for your business.

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