3 Tips To Making Sure Your Fragile Package Makes It To Its Destination Unharmed

Posted on: 29 December 2016

If you have a package that you need to ship to a destination, and you are worried about the shape that it will be in when it reaches its destination, here are three tips that you need to employ to make sure that your package gets there on time, unharmed.

#1 Double Box Your Item

When you are sending something that is fragile, you don't want to send it in a single box. That doesn't provide a high degree of protection. If the box gets nicked or damaged in any way, your item may be compromised.

It is much better to double box any fragile item that you need to send in the mail. What you are going to want to do is take the fragile item and wrap it up with cushioning material, such as bubble wrap. You are going to want to wrap it thick, and provide a couple of inches of cushioning. Then, you are going to put the fragile item inside of a small box that is just a little bit larger than the item itself. You are going to want to use more packaging material to ensure that the fragile item doesn't move around, such as packing peanuts. Use enough material to cause the item to fit securely. Tape the top of the box.

Next, take the small box and place it inside of a larger box. Put packing peanuts or material on the bottom of the box before placing the small box inside the larger box, then put more packaging material around the small box so that it is secure as well. You want the bigger box to be at least a couple of inches larger to really protect the item inside.

#2 Be Careful With Packaging Material

Be careful about what type of materials you use as packaging material. The best packing materials are bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and cloth. Be careful about using newspaper. The ink on the newspaper can easily rub off onto the box and the item inside of it. The ink can also easily get on the hands of whomever is opening the box and get transferred to the fragile item inside of the box.

#3 Use The Right Tape

Finally, make sure that you use the right tape. Most of the major shipping services in the United States, such as the U.S. Post Office and FedEx, ask that you do not use duct tape. Although duct tape is strong, for some reason shipping services don't like you to use it, so avoid using it on your boxes.

Next, you don't want to use weak tape on your packages either, such as masking tape or cellophane tapes. Neither of these two types of tape are known for being that sturdy and are not the type of tape you want to trust your fragile package with.

Instead, you should stick to either reinforced paper tape or plastic tape that is specifically designed to be used on packages. This type of tape is really strong and will not break on its own. It is often generally wider, providing you with more coverage when you attach it to your boxes.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Packaging Center Inc.