Refining Products and Keeping Drums Clean

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Materials that contain several components and that require straining and contain oily substances that could be difficult to clean from the interior of a metal or a plastic drum could hinder the efficiency of your team's production efforts. Drum inserts and liners can make it easier for your employees to prepare products for shipment and the cleanup associated with each phase will not take as long to conduct.

1. Refining Products

Plastic or metal drums that are heavy and tall can be difficult to manipulate, once products have been poured into them. Drums are often used for the separation or mixing of materials and sometimes, they are used during pumping applications.

If the equipment that you currently use isn't effective in separating solids from the liquid that is being dispensed, drum inserts that contain a mesh liner and a lipped edge will catch any fragments that your machinery misses. The lipped edge is designed to rest over the rim of a barrel and will prevent raw materials from spilling onto the sides of each drum.

2. Preparing Products

If several liquid or semi-liquid mixtures are prepared in your facility, it is necessary to have a supply of clean 55 gallon drums to use for each application. With the addition of drum plastic liners, products can be prepared in succession. The only steps that your employees will need to conduct will involve emptying of the contents that are inside of the liner and the disposal and replacement of each plastic liner.

Liners that contain fluted edges and that are designed to lay flat, before use, can easily be deposited into each drum that is being used. This step can be performed right before the beginning batch is prepared for the day. Once the bottom of the plastic sleeve is resting in the bottom of a barrel, the top part of the sleeve can be adjusted to hang over the sides of a barrel.

Some drum liners contain grip tabs or a lipped edge, which will aid in keeping a liner stabilized. The liner will remain intact during each processing application. Liners can be purchased in multi-packs and each one that is designed to fit a 55-gallon drum will hug the interior sides of each drum that is used within your facility.

After adding the disposable pieces to your inventory, keep track of how long it takes your production team to switch between tasks. The reduction of errors and cleanup needs can help your team complete more batches of products that need to be shipped out each day. 

For more information, contact companies that supply 55-gallon drum liners.