3 Tips That Can Help You Protect Your Shipments

Posted on: 10 January 2017

One of the most important things that you can do when shipping a package to a family member, friend, or customer is to ensure that the package arrives in one piece. Listed below are three tips that you can follow that will help you ensure that your shipments arrive in one piece and in good shape.

Utilize New Shipping Boxes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when shipping out a package is to simply choose to reuse a shipping box from a package that you received. The primary reason for this is that that particular box is going to have already gone through all of the wear and tear that typically occurs during a routine shipping process. As a result, that box will not be as strong or as durable as a brand-new shipping box, which means that the odds are much higher that the used box will collapse or tear in transit and cause damage to its contents.

Pack Everything Snugly

Another mistake that many people make when shipping out a package is wrapping or cushioning the item that they are shipping well, but leaving a lot of empty space in the box. The issue with this is that even though the main item is protected somewhat by the packaging material, leaving empty space in the box will allow the item to bounce around a lot more within the box.

This can easily lead to shock damage to the item and lead to your customer, friend, or family member receiving a broken item despite your cushioning material. Instead, when you are packing your item for shipping, make sure that you snugly pack everything into the box so that when the box closes, there is no empty space, and all of the extra packing material will keep everything within the box from moving around.

Make Full Use Of Labels

Finally, make sure to make full use of labels when shipping your items out. While most shipping services will be very careful with your packages regardless of the labels, you will still want to make sure that you label an item as fragile so that they know not to stack other items on top of it. In addition, if you are shipping electronic items, make sure that you label accordingly so that the shipping service knows to keep that package away from areas that experience temperature fluctuations or a lot of vibration if at all possible.

Contact a shipping company or service like ARP Postal today in order to discuss what steps they recommend you take in order to protect your shipments. Utilizing new shipping boxes, packing everything snugly, and making full use of labels are all easy and effective ways to protect your shipments.